Social Media Competition Rules and Regulations

Social Media Competition Rules and Regulations

Are you considering running any social media competitions/sweepstakes on your business pages to boost engagement? SpotOnCreative are starting to do just that. We run a monthly competition with prizes you can win on all the social media platforms! Although, before thinking about starting your own competition please read this blog as each platform has strict rules for both the admins and customers which must be adhered too.


1. When using Instagram to offer a promotion you are responsible for following the terms and regulations.

  • The official rules;
  • Offer terms and eligibility requirements such as age restrictions and location
  • Compliance with applicable rules and regulations governing the promotion and all prizes offered such as registration
  • You must make it clear that your contest is not sponsored by or associated with Instagram.
  • You agree to use Instagram for your promotion at your own risk

2. You can’t inaccurately tag content, or encourage others to.

3. Promotions on Instagram must include a complete release of Instagram by entrant or participant

4. You can ask people to enter by:

  • Liking a post
  • Reposting
  • Commenting on a post

Click here for the official Instagram Promotion Guidelines


1. You can ask people to enter by:

  • Liking A Post
  • Commenting on A Post
  • Posting on A Page
  • Messaging A Page
  • Clicking Through to An Entry Form on Your Website

2. You can’t ask people to enter by:

  • Sharing a Page on their Timelines
  • Tag a friend in comment or post
  • Liking and Sharing and sharing a page
  • Like a page (to automatically enter)
  • Share a page on a friend’s timeline
  • Tagging your friends in the post to enter

3. Guidelines:

  • In the Facebook guidelines, it’s made clear that there should be an “Acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.”
  • Prizes with age restrictions should be clearly stated
  • Show terms and conditions such as the end date and how the winner is decided

Click here for the official Facebook Promotion Guidelines



1. Discourage the creation of multiple accounts

  • Your account can get suspended if you create multiple accounts to enter more than once

2. Discourage posting the same tweet repeatedly

  • Posting duplicate, or near duplicate, updates or links is a violation of the Twitter Rules and jeopardizes search quality.

3. Ask people to mention you in their update so you can see all the entries

  • When it comes to picking a winner, you’ll want to see all the contestants. If the updates mention you, you’ll be able to see all the updates in your Notifications timeline

4. Encourage the use of topics relevant to the contest

  • You might decide to have people include relevant hashtag topics along with the updates
  • Hashtag topics need to be relevant to the update

5. Follow the Twitter rules

  • While these guidelines should help keep your contest entrants in good standing, please make sure you also review both the Twitter Rules and our search best practices before starting your contest

6. Applicable laws and regulations

Click here for the official Twitter Promotion Guidelines