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Cross-Platform App Development & Cloud Infrastructure

Ready for GDPR?

Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Youtube Channel. (2017). Data Protection Bill. [Online Video]. 7 August 2017.

GDPR comes into effect 25th May 2018! Are you going to be ready? Here at SpotOnCreative we develop applications and cloud infrastructure with GDPR and data protection in mind. All data handled within our apps and on the cloud is encrypted in both transit and storage. This is just one of the several ways we are tackling GDPR and data protection.

Spoc the Bot (Amazon Lex In Development)

Spoc, our chatbot, is a new implementation of Amazons Lex. We have only given Spoc a few questions and answers, so we can monitor how the AI (artificial intelligence) responds and learns under minimal configuration. This is purely for transparent experimentation, however, over time this will be an advanced example of some of the more powerful features chatbots can offer.



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Cloud Infrastructure

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